As road safety device technologies advance at a rapid rate and traffic control products and services continue to evolve, we at Stinson ITS are committed to consistently being on the leading edge of change in the industry.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) have been proven to increase driver yielding while improving overall visibility at various pedestrian crossing areas.


School Zone Flashers

School Zone Flashers offer heightened safety measures in school zones by utilizing highly-visible flashing LEDs to notify motorists of pedestrians crossing in the area.



With conspicuous electronic flash patterns and prominently displayed messaging, BlinkerSigns use synchronized LEDs to demand the attention of motorists no matter the time of day.


aBeacon Audible Pedestrian System

Fully customizable and equipped with high-quality sound broadcasting, aBeacons Audible Pedestrian Systems allow visually-impaired people to be effectively guided as they cross at an intersection.


Radar Feedback Signs

Radar Feedback Signs display driver speeds on a scheduling based system using highly visible LEDs, these devices ensure that motorists are aware of their speed within a specific area.


TAPCO BlinkerBeacon

BlinkerBeacons utilize photocell sensors that enable the system to dim based upon ambient light automatically — maintaining optimal LED output and extending battery life.


The Purpose of Intelligent Road Safety Devices

Road accidents are one of the top causes of deaths across Canada. Road Safety Devices designed specifically to help reduce these tragic events from ever occurring in the first place, by controlling and managing traffic, and ultimately saving countless lives.

The Stinson Approach

By integrating the very best in technology, we can offer many smart solutions to keep roads safer and running more efficiently. By seamlessly integrating any of our devices, you will be able to count on both flexibility and reliability to keep your roadways safer.

Into the future

The future is bright. From alerting both drivers and pedestrians to avoiding potential vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, to warning drivers about speed, we offer existing and sophisticated technologies to help steer us towards a smarter and more safer future.

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