Stinson ITS is committed to the ongoing growth, utilization and integration of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives and promote sustainability across Canada. We are proud to be partnered with the very best technology providers in the ITS arena to bring you exceptional products and services.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Offering the Very Best in ITS Technology for Your Next Project

Traffic Sensors

Traffic Sensors (detectors) are an excellent way to manage inconsistent traffic flow effectively and are the “eyes and ears” that enable all the “smart” functions that are trying to be achieved. Traffic sensing technology is about much more than simply monitoring vehicles these days; it’s about truly understanding the complete picture by taking into account all modes of transportation.

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Central Software

Central Software solutions offer users the necessary means to remotely monitor, collect and analyze relevant traffic data via cloud-based integrations that work seamlessly with our Intelligent Transportation Systems. We have the expertise to assist with every single aspect of your project, from early design consultations to implementation and maintenance.

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Road Safety Devices

Road Safety Devices are indicators, signs and signal devices used to notify, guide and regulate both traffic and pedestrians. Typically used adjacent to, or along highways, roadways and other public areas that require traffic control. Working closely with you, our team of traffic control specialists helps you select the right equipment to fit your specific roadway application.

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Intelligent Warning Systems

Intelligent Warning Systems make both intersections and roadways considerably much safer by utilizing super-bright LED’s along with smart technology to demand the attention of drivers, in both daylight and nighttime hours. All of our Intelligent Warning Systems come with value-added solar technology, one less thing for you to worry about with super-simple installation.

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Smart Work Zones

At Stinson ITS we are focusing our expertise on leveraging our unrivalled work zone experience to lessen the impact of traditional construction activity, not only on traffic corridors where the actual construction is taking place; but also, on the entire traffic network that is being impacted by such work. You can be confident that you will have the right equipment for true safety in and around your work zone.

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How Do We Help?

Whether your primary focus is on intersection and roadway effectiveness, pedestrian safety, or implementing cutting-edge IoT solutions, Stinson ITS offers a wide range of innovative solutions to help your city, town or community operate more efficiently and most importantly, more safely.

What Makes Us Different?

Setting the course for the future of ITS in Canada

We translate our technical knowledge, coupled with our long history of traffic management and safety, into real value for the benefit of individuals and communities across Canada through our smart city development solutions. Our sophisticated approach to ITS brings an entirely new perspective on what is possible in the ever-developing space of ITS.

Your trusted advisor

Our focus is on you as the customer, and on being your trusted advisor and partner when working towards improved public safety and traffic efficiencies. We work alongside you and your teams to define and implement the required changes, capabilities and solutions to plan and execute your vision for a smart city, with our guarantee of solid support every single step of the way.

We make transportation more sustainable

Whether it’s through innovations in ITS technologies or reducing the environmental impact of roadway congestion by helping to cut emissions, our commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation is a key goal of Stinson ITS. We continuously seek to engage and inspire employees and business associates to make positive impacts on both the environment and the people within it.

We promote safety & efficiency

Preserving the right of people to get around this complex world of ours safely and conveniently is a fundamental human right. Having state-of-the-art systems and the technology to connect to efficient and sustainable transportation networks is at the forefront of everything we do. For this reason, Stinson ITS works to effectively and measurably improve traffic congestion as well as public safety in both urban and rural communities across Canada.

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